Frequently Asked Questions


The studio can be booked by phone, text message (702) 879-9590, email [email protected] or IG @theyomusicstudio. We will then provide the client with studio availability, acquire their information, and send a deposit payment online invoice. When the deposit payment is received, the session is confirmed and finalized. Payment for the remaining balance is done at the studio, in person when the clients arrive for their session.

What Form Of Payments Does your Studio Accept?

The studio accepts PayPal, credit card payments trough PayPal, cash payments, and most mobile payments such as Cash app, Venmo or Zelle.

Can I the deposit in person at the studio?

A cash deposit can be made in person, 24 or more hours before the scheduled time to confirm a client’s session.

Can I visit and go to the studio now?

The studio is available by appointment only. However short notice studio tours are available.

What do I Bring to My First Studio Session?

Clients will need to bring the following: - The instrumental or beat to be ready for the session; - A flash drive, iPhone or portable drive to transfer and store session files. Session files are stored and saved on site for only 6 months, so it is important that clients bring their own storage. But most importantly, don’t forget to bring an amazing mood and creativity. The magic is about to begin!

How Long do I need to record a song?

Vocal recording and your speed depends solely on each client. However, we would like to make the recommendation that you have at least 1-2 hours for vocal recordings for a single Pop, R&B, Rap or Hip-Hop track.

How Long to mix and master a song?

It can vary per song. For a single-track Pop, R&B, Rap or Hip-Hop Project, basic mix, we would recommend at least 1-2 hours. However, if a client requests a more complex mix that needs multi-track recording, additional edits, track level automation, additional panning and possible effect parameters, then it could take some time. We ask clients to consider this and try to plan effectively.

What about credit for engineers when recording, mixing and mastering Services?

Clients shall make commercially reasonable efforts for engineers to receive credit in the following format: “Recording, Mix or Mastering Engineer: [Contractor’s Agent’s Name].” The size, style of type, duration, and other attributes (except position) of the engineer's credit shall be determined in accordance with music industry practices relative to sound engineers.

Is This A professional established recording studio?

Yes. We are a professional studio offering professional recording services. Verify it here on the website.

Are engineers Skilled in Hip Hop And R&B

Yes, our Engineers have specific experience with Pop, Country, Jazz, Singer Songwriter, Hip Hop and R&B.

Are Food And Drink Permitted in the Studio?

Yes, clients can convey food and drink to a studio session. However, no food or drinks can be deposited on the studio desk space. The general condition and cleanliness of the studio must be in the same state that it was found in upon arrival.

Is Smoking permitted in the studio?

Smoking is not permitted in the studio. There is a designated section outside for smoking.

What Microphone do you Use?

We use the Neumann U 87

Can I Utilized My Own Microphone?

We will have to verify its compatibility. Contact us with its exact model information.

What Software or DAW is used in House?

Our studio utilizes the most current versions of Apple's Logic Pro X and Universal Audio's LUNA RECORDING SYSTEM